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September 2013


Harold Martinez

Live Project

Control the sites you love with Mote.io

Mote.io lets you enjoy the power of the web from the comfort of your couch. Control your favorite sites like Youtube, Google Drive, Pandora, Grooveshark, Soundcloud, Hype Machine, Vimeo, Rdio, and more to come!

  • Never leave the couch. Switch between apps with the new Homebase remote.
  • Keep your phone next to your keyboard to create instant hotkeys for your favorite music sites.
  • New and upgraded remotes are on the way!
  • Control your presentation from the stage with Google Drive Presentation Remote
  • Ditch your cable box for the Youtube and Vimeo remotes with fullscreen players
  • Forget Airplay! Plug your computer into your speakers and control the music from all around the house.

Follow the instructions here to set up Mote.io. Requires Google Chrome. https://mote.io/start


  • Youtube Remote
  • Spotify Web Remote
  • Hype Machine Remote
  • Vimeo Remote
  • Pandora Remote
  • Rdio Remote
  • SoundCloud Remote
  • Grooveshark Remote
  • Plex Remote
  • TuneIn Radio Remote
  • Google Play Remote
  • Twitch.tv Remote
  • Last.fm Remote
  • More to come! Let me know what site you want Mote.io to support at https://mote.io/community

Trouble connecting? Tweet at me! http://twitter.com/sw1tch